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in as many children's lives as possible.

Our approach to breaking the cycle of poverty is to


by providing for basic needs,


by providing education and self-sustainability programming, and


by sharing the love of Jesus Christ. Then we


I want to partner with FCW's PROTECT efforts...


FCW began by collecting, packing and shipping clothing to our partners around the globe. Our clothing distribution program is still one of the largest part of our organization. Learn more about donating and getting involved with our clothing distribution programs below:



Clean food and water is essential to setting a child on the trajectory to a hopeful future, and helps prevent hundreds of diseases. Providing clean water looks like building wells close to villages that otherwise would have to walk up to 3 miles for clean water.


We approach orphan care in a holistic way that involves making sure children have access routine medical and dental care, needed medications, and access to urgent medical care for when situations arise.


Building safe homes for children and families offers more protection from the elements and disease. Each child under FCW's care stays in a safe home with loving leadership.


Known for her infectious smile, Bumpi is a very smart and determined young lady. However, behind her warm smile is a hurting girl. Her mother could not support her financially and her dad, like so many Ugandan fathers, is not in the picture. She did not have the basics to attend school. No education means no job. No job means high potential to be sold into slavery. When FCW met her, she was wearing torn clothing and had no assistance to continue her education.

Today she is performing well in school and is expected to do very well in her Primary Living Examinations. She is learning about the love of Christ, and now has the chance for a very hopeful future!

how protection saved bumpi

"I want to partner with FCW's EMPOWER efforts."



Education and life skills give children the resources needed to help break out of the cycle of poverty. When children receive a good education, they are empowered to reach for big goals and strive for a better tomorrow.


Facilitate transition-to-success and empowerment programs that educate and mentor young people to be self-sustaining citizens, employees and business owners. These include University and Trade Routes.


We understand that many of the children we serve have faced some horrific trauma. So along their empowerment journey, we ensure healing can take place by providing them with counseling that heals those wounds. 


Kipindi Mpito is FCW's flagship ministry in Uganda. In this transition-to-success program, young women learn critical life skills that allow them to become confident, independent, self-sustaining adults. These include 12 key life skills, counseling & mentoring, personal discipleship, trade training, and self-confidence & empowerment. Learn more about Kipindi here.

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knowledge is power

Empowerment comes in many forms. In India, it can look like equipping young women with valuable knowledge so that they can avoid the trickery of landlords that want to force them into bonded labor. It can also mean teaching them their rights so they do not so they do not end up married at the age of 13.

This all then allows amazing young women to become trained in sustainable skills & even attend university! This is what you unlock when you support empowerment programs!

I want to partner with FCW's LOVE efforts.



It is hard to walk through life alone. Our goal is to build genuine and lasting relationships with those we serve so that they understand that they are not alone in this life. We want to build these loving relationships so that we can more and more great transformation happen!


Child sponsorship brings this all together by allowing a sponsor to show love to a child in need. In return, a bond is built and a child is encouraged by know that there is someone who cares about them, prays for them, and provides for them. 


We love keeping track of the work our organization has done in numbers to provide greater detail in outlining our outreach.


Number of children clothed through our clothing distribution program


Number trade and university scholarships provided this year


Number of children currently sponsored


Number of countries served

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