Follow Daddy

October 27, 2018

-by Kimberly Morrison


“Follow Daddy!” – two words I exclaim with what seems like every other breath as we adventure on the road, through airports and now across the world.

The kids don’t always know where we’re going, how we’re getting there or why we’re even going, but they know we will always feed them, always keep them safe and as long as they follow Daddy, everything will be alright.

Somehow, I always end up in the back of the pack with the short-legged ones, making sure no one gets left behind.

The two littles have a hard time keeping up with the sibling in front of them, much less Daddy, and tend to gradually drift out of line and slow to a snail’s pace as new and interesting things grab their attention. Many times, I also inherit their back packs or suitcases because “they’re just too heavy for arms!” Our oldest three, however, know the drill and know that if we can just keep pace with Daddy, we’ll get to our destination safely and efficiently.

The older three also tend to walk beside Daddy instead of behind him. Because they’ve spent so much time walking with him, they can almost anticipate his next move.

The two that read can sometimes spot our next move at the same time as Daddy and they get so excited and proud when Daddy confirms that they’re on the right track. Every once in a while, though, from my spot in the back, I can hear Jared telling them, “Boys, slow down and don’t get ahead of me!”

A spiritual parallel hit me as we were traipsing through the airport following Daddy on our biggest adventure to date:

It is so easy sometimes to lose pace with Daddy God and be distracted by new and interesting things that pale in comparison to Him.

And think about how blessed we are to have the Holy Spirit bringing up the rear gently and sweetly whispering encouragement. “Just follow Daddy! Keep your eyes on Him. We’re almost there!” As we catch Daddy God’s vision and love for the world and mature as sons and daughters, we start to walk WITH Him, instead of behind Him. And oh, how gracious and kind Jesus is to help with our baggage when it’s too much for our little arms to carry.

So just like our kiddos, we sometimes don’t know where we’re going, how we’re getting there or why we’re even going, but we know that Daddy God will always feed us, always keep us safe and as long as we walk with Him, everything will be alright.

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