I Am No Longer Alone

November 4, 2015

I was born blind. My mother would leave me alone in the house for hours when she went to work. My older siblings went to school and worked on a farm while I sat alone at home. I spent many hours anxiously waiting for my mom to come home and feed me. On two occasions I suffered abuse at the hands of men who came to stay with my mom. These men promised to take care of my mother and me, but they never did. They verbally and physically abused me. It was hell for me and my mom because we both were on the receiving end.

Ratan- age 12


Once I received sponsorship through Forgotten Children Worldwide everything changed. I no longer sit at home alone. My mom cooks food in the morning and feeds me three sufficient meals a day. I am able to walk to school and learn lessons. I have been rescued from death of loneliness and hunger. I am very happy. A local pastor visits me and shares the Gospel with me and my mom. He even takes me to the church and sunday school. I am learning about the Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you FCW for giving me a dignity. I am no longer alone.

Ratan – age 12

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