hear about
kipindi mpito from a 2021 graduate

Why Kipindi Mpito?

the challenge

Orphans and vulnerable children living in family-based care (kinship care) in Uganda are getting older, and, although they have been protected, they need some form of transitional care. Sending them into the adult world without transitional training and discipleship can mean re-victimization from child traffickers because they are still vulnerable due to poverty. 

the solution

FCW has acquired 20 acres of land in Uganda. We are developing it into a safe, residential campus where young girls can spend a year healing, growing, learning, and preparing to transition into adulthood, while learning critical life skills that will allow them to become confident, independent, self-sustaining adults. They will also receive mental health counseling and spiritual guidance to help overcome and process childhood trauma. In short, every student will receive: Key life skills, discipleship, mentoring, counseling, & skilled trades.

The vision

Kipindi Mpito is already serving a smaller number of girls at a rental facility in Mukono. But the need is much greater, and more girls will be served as the land is developed into the campus outlined below. SOON 32 young women will go through this program each year. Phase 1 Construction will be completed by mid-2023!

Phase 2 will add in 16 more young women & will will also begin to serve 48 young men!

Ultimately, developing the next generation of leaders and Disciples of Jesus Christ!

Impact of
Kipindi Mpito

Here is what Kipindi Mpito has accomplished since it's launch in 2020! 


Program Graduates!
Currently 16 young women in the program


Young women now attending University! 


Small businesses created!


Young women baptized and on fire for Jesus Christ!

tracy's story

Tracy thanked God for the opportunity to attend the Kipindi Mpito Transition to Success program through Forgotten Children. She stated: “it is a life transforming program.” She says her life has not remained the same after the training she received, but more importantly she recognized maturity in her spiritual and emotional life as a result of her Trauma Healing Class. She now reads her Bible and leads in praise and worship. She received tailoring and baking skills that she can utilize to sustain her future. She said she wants to continue with her education and become a pilot in the future!

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