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Stop Trying to Change the World

March 16, 2018

I was watching a guy named Bryant Chambers on YouTube the other day, and he said something that caught my ear.

“In order to reach a mass audience you cannot attack a mass audience.”

He was talking in the context of marketing/social media, but as he pointed out, the concept applies to other areas of life as well. If we try to be applicable to everyone, we risk being so bland that no one is interested in what we have to say.

It got me thinking about how this could also apply to advocacy. There are so many worthy causes and dire needs that are competing for our attention. They all want us to advocate for their message. It can be overwhelming sometimes.

When everyone in the world wants you to speak for them, who in the world should you speak for?

I think there is a danger that we will go into overload and not speak out at all simply because we have too many options. It doesn’t help things that we are taught from an early age that we can and should “change the world.” I wonder how many people miss out on the moment-by-moment opportunities to affect real change because they feel this obligation to change everything.

I thought of Mother Teresa. She is someone that most of us would say changed the world. But is that what she set out to do or did she just help the needy that were closest to her heart?

Here at Forgotten Children we believe we are having an impact on the world…but we do it one child at a time.

I would encourage you to take your eyes off of the entire world this week and focus on the moment-by-moment opportunities that God brings your way to speak out for others. I’m pretty sure if we all did that we would see the world change.

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