Volunteer Spotlight – Jake Boomershine

February 6, 2020

For the past ten years, Jake Boomershine has been invested in FCW’s mission to bring a voice to the forgotten and make a real impact in the lives of others—but it wasn’t just his passion for the mission that brought him to volunteering. He also wanted to provide a firm foundation of service for his children.

“I wanted my children to see and experience serving others as…something we should spend time doing every week,” says Jake, whose four kids have all been involved with FCW. “Taking an active role in serving at a young age is how they have grown up. Each one now serves weekly in some way.”

By inviting his kids into his volunteer experiences, Jake has created a family rooted in Christ’s greatest commandment: loving God and loving others. His role over the years has gone from gathering donations at collection boxes to organizing clothing in the warehouse and managing loading crews—but he has used all of it to teach his kids the value of using their time to serve others.

“Every minute you serve, you are making a meaningful difference in the life of someone in the world who needs the Love of Jesus,” says Jake. “FCW provided a platform for our kids to help be the hands and feet of Christ by serving others.”

Volunteering is not a solitary event—it’s a community of people coming together to make a difference. If you and your family want to join that community, let us know. We can be the hands and feet of Jesus together.

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