Volunteer Spotlight – Kim Konuch

February 6, 2019

When her kids finished elementary school, Kim Konuch knew her time substitute teaching was coming to a close—but she still wanted to do something that made a difference in kids’ lives. When she heard that Forgotten Children was looking for receptionists, she immediately jumped on board.

That was seven years ago, but Kim still loves volunteering now as much as she did then. “By being there to answer phones, greet people, and do odd jobs, I’m making sure the people who do the most important work at FCW can get their jobs done,” says Kim.

Not only is Kim a receptionist, but she also volunteers as an archivist on the sponsorship team at FCW. She takes all the letters that come in from kids and their sponsors and makes sure they get into the right files.

Kim’s passion for volunteering and making a difference for children around the world comes from a personal story of her own. “As a mother of an adopted child from Russia, I have seen firsthand how different life is for children in other countries,” Kim explains. She knows that having an education, shelter, and food makes all the difference in kids’ lives—and she wants to be a part of it in any way she can.

People like Kim are empowering children across the globe—and you can be a part of that mission, too. For more information on volunteering, click here!

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