Bluffton Family Eye Care Changes Lives in Uganda

March 12, 2019

Bluffton Family Eye Care recently partnered with Forgotten Children Worldwide to supply glasses for 47 children in Uganda.

We had the privilege of interviewing Dr. Matthew Mitchell and hearing him share the reasons he felt this project was important.

When did you first get involved with Forgotten Children Worldwide?

“I first got involved with FCW when we moved to Wells County in the fall of 2009.” 

What made you want to partner with FCW to help the children?

“Because I know and trust many of the people in leadership at FCW. I know that they take great care to use finances wisely and strategically to provide the best possible care with the resources they have.”

What resonated with you about this project in particular?

“What resonated with me is that, due to my profession as an optometrist, I am aware of how critical good vision is to early childhood development and learning. 80% of what a child learns comes through what they see.

It would be a tragedy for FCW to go through the effort to acquire sponsorships and work out the details for these kids to actually attend school, and they not be able to take full advantage of this wonderful opportunity because they can’t clearly see what is going on.”

Was there a child in your life or the story of someone in particular that caused you to want to help in this way?

“My own children Grace and Hope, ages 13 and 11, both have contact lenses and multiple pairs of glasses.  We take normal vision for granted, but for these children in Uganda, custom eyeglasses are a daily, visible reminder that someone around the world cares for them.”

Thanks to Bluffton Family Eye Care, lives are changing in Uganda!

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