Hair Bows for Nepal

June 15, 2015

The earthquakes that rocked the country of Nepal in April caused widespread destruction. Businesses and home were destroyed, lives were lost, and children were forced to the streets as orphans, scared and homeless. FCW immediately began raising money to meet the urgent needs of our ministry partner, his staff and the children under his care. Through the generosity of so many caring people we have been able to raise thousands of dollars that have been used to provide immediate relief and resources to begin the rebuilding process. We could not have been a light in a time of darkness without the support of giving individuals and passionate families. We could not do it without families like the Bertsch family.

In February of 2015, Alydia and Adalynn Bertsch made hair bows that their father Matt, FCW board president, took to Nepal and gave to the girls in the FCW sponsored orphan home in Kathmandu. The bows were simple “girl to girl” gestures of love and a blessing for girls who have faced many life challenges.

The bows were such a hit with the girls in Nepal that the Bertsch family decided to make more hair bows as a fundraiser to help rebuild the orphan home, to restore hope to these children and once again let them know that they are loved and, most importantly, not forgotten. The entire family took action and it became a big family project. There were little boys cutting, little girls layering fabrics, big girls sewing, and big boys gluing. There was a job for everyone.


Last week, the Bertsch family presented FCW with a check for $370.00. We were so blessed by this gift. We are inspired by Alydia and Adalynn and the entire Bertsch family. They demonstrated that one family can make a difference. They identified a need, took action, and forever changed the lives of children on the other side of the world.



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