Impacting Lives Through Goats

June 29, 2015

Our goal is to break the cycle of poverty and set children and families free from the chains of despair, hardship and destitution. We work diligently to end extreme poverty that leads to children being abandoned, sold and exploited. It is an uphill battle, but a winnable war. By implementing self-sustainability projects we are providing families and orphan care ministries with the tools to generate their own income. An income that gives them the dignity of caring for the own children while keeping children at home where they are safe. An income that helps break that cycle of poverty that robs people, innocent children, of a future.

As an organization, we have implemented a wide array of self-sustainability projects with our transnational partners. We have funded tailoring, farming and agriculture, tent rental and transportation projects (just to name a few) around the world. Each and every project is unique and is designed to meet the needs of our partners, the orphan home and local villages in which they reside.

Two years ago we began a “revolving goat” project with our partner at Living Grace Ministries in Kiddago, Uganda. Ten families, consisting of single mothers and/or grandmothers who were caring for many children, were given female goats. These goats, once impregnated by a community male goat, produce 4-6 offspring each year. The families are required to donate one goat back to our project so that we can gift it to another family in need. The remaining goats are sold at the local market for $75-$100. Thus, families who struggled to care for their children due to not having a consistent income are now generating $400-$500 a year in income. Today, because of this project, sixty families in the village of Kiddago have income generating goats. An entire village is being lifted up. New homes are being built. Children are being clothed, fed and educated. Children are no longer at risk of being abandoned or sold.

One goat can help break the cycle of poverty for a family or individual in need. That is how we change the lives of people forever.


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