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Introducing “Voices for the Forgotten” Blog Rebrand

September 11, 2017

We are changing the name of our blog…read on, as our guest blogger, Bailey Gerber, explains the inspiration behind our new blog name!


What is an advocate? What does advocacy look like? We created the Advocate’s Corner Blog to explore those topics. But, through a careful evaluation of our mission and vision, we’ve realized we are more than advocates. We want to be emancipators, liberators, and investors.

We want to be Voices. Voices for people who cannot speak because the world won’t let them. Voices for people who are learning how to speak. And—someday—Voices with people who are just starting out on the victorious road of self-sustainability. We want our voice to make others’ voices stronger.

We are Voices for the Forgotten.


So what does that look like? In a lot of ways, it still looks like advocacy. We’re doing everything we’ve always done. We’re still asking hard questions about others’ needs. We’re still pursuing justice for the fatherless. We’re still speaking on behalf of the millions who have been pushed into silence.

But we think being Voices represents even more of what we do. It is a deeper pursuit of authenticity and understanding, so that our advocacy is more equipped for success.

  • It’s about spreading awareness, so we can learn more about who the Forgotten are and the world in which they live—because it probably looks different from our own.
  • It’s about seeing the world through the eyes of the Forgotten, so that when we raise our voices, they sound less like our voices, and more like theirs.
  • It’s about listening to firsthand accounts of whole-life transformation, learning about Forgotten children who have been remembered, chosen, and found by a Heavenly Father.
  • It’s about impacting globally…speaking for the other side of the world, so people on this side of it start to understand the depth of the existing need.


Our vision for the world has always been for our partner ministries to no longer need our guidance or support—for them be self-sufficient and self-sustainable. We champion that vision. But until that day comes, we raise our voices.

Because of this, we think “Voices for the Forgotten” reflects our mission in a stronger way. It summarizes what we do and how we do it. We’re still advocates—like we’ve always been. But we’re expanding the Advocate’s Corner to encompass even more of what makes Forgotten Children Worldwide unique.


How would your voice add to our mix?

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