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Why Partnership Matters

January 3, 2018

At Forgotten Children, we believe “partnership” goes hand-in-hand with “advocacy.” How can we speak for the ‘least of these’ without first knowing exactly what their lives are like…what their needs are?

That’s why we focus on partnership with indigenous Christians. We believe that those living in and amongst the orphans we support are the best-suited to minister Christ’s love to them.

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines a partner as “one associated with another especially in an action.” This definition has two parts:

“One associated with another…”

Partners work together toward a common goal. It doesn’t mean they’re the same in everything they do. Instead, they agree to associate with each other because they believe what they have in common outweighs what is different. Partners depend on each other and trust each other in order to bring their vision into reality.

“…especially in an action.”

The word “partner” is not supposed to be about a title. It’s supposed to be about doing something. True partners are focused on how they can put genuine work into their common goal to make the difference they want to make.

All the partner ministries we work with share our vision for orphan care, and we come alongside them to combine our resources with theirs. Each ministry we work with is unique in its own way. That’s what we love. We are stronger when we combine our unique strengths.

When we develop partners around the world, we’re entering into a partnership that is all about action. We want to protect the people the world has forgotten. We want to empower them to live great lives. We want to love them right where they are. We believe that our ministry partnerships are effective in making that happen.

But those partnerships don’t exist if we don’t have partnerships with you.

You—our volunteers, our sponsors, our supporters—associate with us to work toward this vision of making every child seen, heard, and loved. When you take action, the rewards trickle down to the very least of these. One decision on your part has that much power.

Learn more about how you can partner with us in an action that will change the lives of the fatherless and the forgotten.

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