Megha has a story she wants you to hear…

December 5, 2018


Megha has a story that she wants you to hear. It’s HER story…

Megha is a bright-eyed girl who was born in Southeast Asia. When she was only two or three years old, her father died. With tears in her eyes, she explains that her mother struggled with mental health issues and was unable to give her children the affection they needed.

“I’m not attached with my mother,” she says, trying to find the right word in English to express the emotional strain of the relationship.

Megha now lives in a home for girls that is sponsored by the donors of Forgotten Children Worldwide. She refers to the women who work there as “sisters” and the pastor who leads the home as “Uncle.” They have become a family to her.

Not only is she welcomed into a new family and given the affection she never knew as a child, she is also given the opportunity to have an education and to learn about the love of Jesus. “I can learn here so many things – so many important things,” she says. “God gave me a beautiful life…through this home.”

​Her story is also YOUR story…

I’m sure you can empathize with the emotions this young woman has faced throughout her life, but more than that, her story is yours because it is people like you who made the happy part of Megha’s story possible!

Where is Megha today, you might ask?

We just interviewed her again recently and we are so excited to share the “continuing story” with you over the next several weeks…stay tuned!

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