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Angie Topp and American Mortgage Assist Children in Uganda

December 7, 2018

AngieMeet Angie…she is a mother of three, but each of her children was born on a different continent. When she and her husband, Dean, adopted their youngest two children, they experienced first-hand the suffering that vulnerable children face all over the world.

“I definitely have a heart for at-risk children, whether it be on a local level, or worldwide. We have adopted our two youngest children internationally and have been able to see first-hand the poverty and needs, along with the neglect of these precious children.”

So not only did they choose to adopt, but they started looking for other ways to help. Angie, a loan officer with American Mortgage in Bluffton, Indiana, serves on the Northern Wells School Board and on the Board of FAM Ministries assisting families with foster care, adoptions, and mentoring. But she wanted to do more…

She remembers seeing the FCW clothing collection box in the Hope Church parking lot years ago, and she attended a few functions hosted by FCW, so when Jeff Patterson (Development Director at FCW) reached out to her to help vulnerable children in Uganda, she knew the opportunity lined up with her heart’s passion. “I’ve gotten to know Jeff Patterson over the past year or so, and love his passion for the ministry,” she says.

Jeff shared that there were 113 children in Uganda in need of mosquito nets. The cost of one mosquito net is about $4. With that $4, a child can be protected from malaria, an unnecessary but deadly disease. According to UNICEF, in 2016 nearly 800 children under the age of 5 died per day due to malaria. Angie wanted to give these children some of the benefits her own adopted children have had, so she welcomed the opportunity to fund the project via her business.

Angie Topp family“I would have to say that our two adopted children are the reason I wanted to help. I am often reminded that even though we aren’t perfect parents or a perfect family, God hand-picked them out of some pretty dire situations to live in Bluffton, Indiana. They would not have been educated, cared for, or loved. Not only that, but they now know the love of that God who chose them specifically for our family.”

Thanks to Angie & American Mortgage, there are now 113 children in Uganda who are receiving the assistance they need to live healthy, happy lives.

If you would like to fund a similar project, check out our 2018 Gift Catalog for a variety of unique opportunities or contact [email protected].

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