Megha’s Story Part 2

December 12, 2018

We recently posted a video of a young girl named Megha. In that video, she told you her story – how her father died and her mother suffered from mental illness. She shared about how she eventually came to live in a home that is sponsored by the donors of FCW.

We promised you the continuing story. Here it is…


Megha found love in her new home. The caretakers there have shown her what it feels like to have affection and support in all aspects of life. Though her heart still grieves over the loss of her mother’s love in childhood, she finds joy in seeing Jesus pursue her heart.

Her caretakers aren’t the only ones who show her love and support. In fact, one special couple in Berne, Indiana is a part of her story as well.


Joe & Janell


Joe and Janell Schwartz sponsor Megha through Forgotten Children Worldwide.

“It all started at Hope Missionary Church when they mentioned that 20 kids needed re-sponsored,” Janell says. “I went to the table following the service and picked out one cute girl.” That girl was Megha. “Then I realized how many more children needed picked up and I felt I needed to sponsor five more children as well.”

“I feel it is important to support these children because we have so much here in the U.S. compared to them and we have personally seen the desperate need in the areas where these children live. I just knew I had to help and want other people to realize that need as well.”


Megha's ArtworkJoe and Janell have the opportunity to write to Megha twice a year and she writes back, even including artwork for her sponsors with her letters (see picture).

In one such letter Megha wrote, “I am very glad to receive your letter. I am praying for your family daily. You[r] are the great blessing to me. I praise God. If you have any prayer requests, please tell me. I pray for that. Thank you so much for your great love.”


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