Volunteer Spotlight – Megan Boots

September 14, 2019

Spending time in Africa inspired Megan Boots’s passion for ending child trafficking, and she knew she had to get involved somehow. She heard amazing stories from girls who had been rescued from sex trafficking, and their powerful testimonies inspired her to take action. In the spring of 2012, God led her to Forgotten Children as a Partner Advocate—and now she gets to use her talents to facilitate communication across the globe.

“I love being able to communicate directly with the partners,” says Megan. “I have met most of them—and even though they’re so far away, I get to hear their stories and learn about the differences they are making on the children.” Part of Megan’s job is ensuring all letters to and from sponsors are transferred smoothly—so if you’ve received a letter from your sponsored child, it has a lot to do with volunteers like Megan!

Since she started volunteering in 2012, Megan has heard stories from partners all over the world, and she’s loved the opportunity to see firsthand evidence of how FCW’s partnerships are changing lives and empowering children. She wants others to know how important it is to invest in a global mission—no matter what they have to offer. “You can help in small ways or big ways—but every single person can do something,” Megan says.

From monitoring sponsorship letters, to praying for partners’ ministries and children, Megan has learned that her contribution doesn’t have to be earth-shattering—because God calls all kinds of people and talents to make up the Body of Christ.

If you’re passionate about making a worldwide difference, consider volunteering with us to empower children across the globe. We’d love to help you get involved and use your talents for God’s kingdom.

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